If I were teacher for a week…

Books jpellgen via CompfightI                                                                                                           If I were principal for a week, I would make sure that middle school children would not have to switch classes, because I think it is very confusing! They would have a homeroom classroom, because that is what they were used to in Elementary school. I would also make the dress code, so kids don’t have to wear jeans every day! Some kids cannot sit still because jeans are so uncomfortable. The last thing I would do is cancel school on very hot and humid days, because some schools can not afford air conditioning, or water fountains. Every time we would skip a day, i would add another at the end of the day, so kids would still get the education they deserve. Boone County Schools

If I were teacher for the day, I would give less homework, because students may have plans after school. I would also be a “nice teacher”, because I hate it when people feel uncomfortable around me. I would probably like to teach social studies best, since it is my favorite subject. I would treat every student with equal respect, no matter how they act. Thank you for reading my post, and my dream job is a teacher, because it would be to much responsibility for me to become a principal. What would yours be?

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The first article I read on Flipboard was called the Top 10 Strangest Animals. It listed 10 animals, with a description as well as pictures of each. I left a comment about which animals I thought were the strangest (there was an octopus and a fish called a blobfish included).

Top 10 Strangest Animals

The next article is called Most Popular Pets People Like to Have. I enjoyed this blog because I love animals so much and see a lot of different dog breeds in my work with a dog rescue. Here’s my comment: Thanks for the blog! I have two dogs and one is a Labrador- which was listed as the most popular in your blog! I love dogs and am involved in a rescue- I help transport dogs out of shelters and foster some of them until they are adopted into homes, so I get to know all kinds of breeds.

Most Popular Pets

I also read an article that interviewed students to see what their favorite lunch foods were. I found that most of the options were meat, mainly chicken. This was interesting to me because I’m a vegetarian and I don’t think I get many different choices offered for that. Here’s my comment and link:

I wish more choices were offered for school lunch. I’m a vegetarian and I don’t get to see many choices! I’d be interested to know what foods are least popular!

Best School Lunches


Hey guys, for this weeks blogging challenge, I chose these blogs because they are detailed, and interesting. You should make some like that too! How you do that is….

  • specific details
  • questions
  • compliments
  • no dead end comments
  • positive
  • Correct spelling and punctuation.
Why I picked  post Grace‘s to comment on, is because  she was aware of the audience, and used a great tone of voice, and figurative language. Grace also focused on her topic, and never lost track of what she was doing. Grace is a

very responsible blogger, and you should wright like her! Check out her blog now!

I chose this blog to comment on because she had a really interesting picture. I then found out from her post that we had a lot of similar interests. Melorie

The reason I picked  Ella‘s blog, was because she had correct spelling, and punctuation. In every paragraph, or sentence, she had EVERYTHING spelled correctly. At the beginning of every sentence, the first letter was capitalized. I enjoyed doing her puzzle the most.

Thank you for reading my post on comments, and I hope you learned more!

About Commenting

Here are some things I’ve enjoyed or not enjoyed about commenting:

I think it’s great to meet new people and see what things we have in common. I can read a blog and comment and then hopefully get a comment back. That’s one way to connect with people. It can also help share ideas and learn more about people from other states or countries with different backgrounds than myself.

One thing I would not like about commenting is seeing negative things. I know bullying is a big problem in our world. I have not seen any negative comments, which is a relief, but it is something I could see being a problem.

Here are some phrases that I think are good to start comments with:

I found it interesting that…

I really enjoyed….

I also agree or I disagree…

I can relate to….

In my opinion…

I think these comments starters are helpful when trying to think of the right words to say.

Shelter dogs, and how they can be saved

  Hey guys! If you have recently viewed my page, then you know that I am a VERY big fan of, well… dogs! So for this post, I am going to talk about shelter dogs and how they can be saved. Did you know that over 3.9 million dogs are euthanized (killed) in shelters every year?! Yes, it is overwhelming and miserable, BUT there are some ways to stop it. The best ways to prevent this from happening are spay/neutering, volunteering at shelters, or donating. To find out more, all you have to do is keep reading!


   One of the things you can do is spay or neuter your animal! What that means is that you send them to the vet, and they will do a simple surgery to make it so your pet cannot mate with other pets and have puppies or kittens. This will prevent the population of stray dogs, and cats! Another thing you can do is volunteer at your local animal shelter to make the animals feel more loved, because most of these dogs were abused, strays, or dumped.  They have had a horrible life,and while they are in the shelter, they are even more terrified, and miserable. Did you know that the Grant County animal shelter just got 61 dogs?! Crazy Right? That is because people did not spay and neuter their pups! So if your pet is not spayed or neutered yet, take it to your local vet!

        Another thing you can do is sign up for a rescue, such as “SAAP” which stands for stray animal adoption program . With this program, you can foster, donate, or adopt, but make sure to get permission from your parent or guardian! SAAP is the name of the rescue that I volunteer and foster for and have adopted from. Did you know that SAAP takes in thousands of dogs every year from the shelter?! It’s true! SAAP also has a website where you can look at all of the ADORABLE dogs that are available to adopt. It tells how old they are, what there name is, and any known information about them.

    Ask yourself if you have time to do one of these things, and if you don’t, you can either find the time, or at least donate money, supplies, or other services! Donating to shelters, and rescues can help a lot because most of them can’t afford very much. You can donate blankets, newspapers, dog/cat food, toys, or treats. With your donation you may not just save one life, but you can also save dozens. Every dog has a life, and a very important one. Thank you for reading this post, and remember, dogs are not just objects, they are living things, with loyalty, and love.

Two shelter dogs behind fenceCreative Commons License Petful via Compfight

This is how sad dogs are at the shelter!

For more information, visit ASPCA or www.adoptastray.com

Be Prepared: Emergency Kit

Bug Out Bag - currently

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Sometimes emergencies happen in our area. We recently had a tornado warning around our neighborhood and lots of damage left from winds. Your family should have a backpack or bag filled with supplies in case an emergency were to happen to you. Here are some good ideas of supplies to fill your bag with:

Flashlight and extra batteries ( in case you lose lights/electric)

Candles and matches (in case you lose lights/electric)

Blankets (if you lose heat or get cold)

First aid supplies: bandaids, hand sanitizer, alcohol pads ( in case of injury)

Water ( to drink)

Food that doesn’t expire soon or doesn’t need a refrigerator (peanut butter, canned foods & a can opener)

Radio and extra batteries for it


Fun Facts about my country

  • The US is the 4th largest country in the world by land area, and 3rd by population.
  •       The first human to walk the moon was American Neil Armstrong (July 21, 1969)
  •      The US has the world’s largest economy.                                                                         My link: www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/countries/unitedstates.html
  • I live in Kentucky, which is a very cool state, and the population is about 4.413 million.
  • Kentucky is a Southeastern state, bounded by the Ohio river, and the Appalachian mountains.(East)
  • Kentucky’s capitol is Frankfort



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Stray Animals

Do you know that every year thousands of dogs and cats get dumped, abused, or even hit by cars!? Animals are not just objects. They are living things which means this not how we are supposed to treat them! You can help prevent this by signing up to volunteer at a shelter, or animal rescue like me. Maybe you can even foster/adopt animals.You can do that by signing up for the animal program SAAP (Stray Animal Adoption Program). If you don’t want to do that then you can simply donate or raise money for animals in need because there are miserable, starving, cold, mistreated animals that just need someone to love. You can even go online! Just type in: Stray Animal adoption program or saap.com, and with your help, you can make a BIG difference in so many lives.