About Me

Hi! It’s Natalie, and these are some things About me.

I am a Big animal lover, I love Cats, and Dogs, of all sizes. My family also loves animals. In my family, I have two sisters, Ella, and Annie. I also have two parents. Since I love animals so much, I have six Fish, two dogs,(Maggie and Penny) and one hermit crab. My favorite color is mint Green, like my hermit crab’s shell. I am Helpful, when it comes to reading, and writing, but I am bad at math. Some places I have been to are Indiannapolis, New York, Florida, Myrtle Beach, and Chicago, but I Just haven’t been to Hawaii. My family and friends would describe me as Kind, helpful, caring, strong, brave, and Loving. My favorite sport is archery, and I just made the team, at Gray Middle School. I am New to Gray Middle School, but I have made lots of friends. At school, I am very Obliging, Polite, and Quiet.  I love to write Realistic stories. I am currently involved in an animal rescue, (SAAP.) I am the one that Transports animals from the shelter, and into the rescue. I am Unafraid of pit bulls, because they are my favorite breed. I love animals so much, that I am a Vegetarian,/vegan. When I get bored, I Watch t.v, or play outside. Depending on how they act, I am usually Xenodochial to people. My favorite food is strawberry cake, which is a Yummy dessert, usually eaten on birthday parties.

That was a little bit about me, and I hope you had a Zippy time!

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