Save An Animal Please! (blog #6)

 Anyone know what save an animal stands for? You guessed it! SAAP. This my sixth blog about our 20% project, and it would really make everyone at SAAP happy, including volunteers, transporters, donators, and the animals if you would adopt a dog or cat! They have any animal, of any breed. My partner and I, (Amelia) are working very hard, and have improved very much since the first day of this project!

what we have accomplished this week, is getting our foster puppies ready for adoption, and also getting them prepared for the part of our video, that they will be included in. We plan to go to an adoption event this month, and take some pictures with the dogs, and volunteers. We will put these pictures on our video, and then include some pictures of when the dogs were in the shelters, and when they were brought to SAAP.

Amelia and I are definitely very excited about are project! We ave not had any issues, and are planning to do this project for as long as we can, because we feel like a lot of these dogs do not have homes, and we are doing the best we can. We won’t stop, until every animal at SAAP gets adopted!

Like i have said before, we are planning to finish the video on March 10-14th, we can not wait. Once it is done, i will be sure to put it on one of my blogs, so stay tuned!

P.S. our foster pups are still available, and they are the cutest things I have ever seen! For example: Romeo likes to snuggle, and chill, but Juliet loves to play, and give kisses, they are only 5 weeks old! How cute! Comment if you are interested in having an new, lovable best friend, because they wont be here for long!


(left:Juliet, right:Romeo)

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