St. Patricks Day

March 17. You’r normal, average, day You go to school, go home, do you’r homework, and eat dinner, but something about this day is not normal. It’s St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is an annual holiday that has so many traditions, it’s hard to count! One of these traditions is that the four leaf clover brings good luck. Why? Well, the first clover is said to bring faith, the second is hope, the third is love, and the fourth is luck. 4 leaf clovers are very rare and could take you hours, days, even weeks to find one!  Some people have other beliefs, such as if you wear one of these Four leave clovers, you will have the ability to see mystical creatures such as the leprechauns, fairies, or goblins. Another theory, is that you will be able to protect your home from the evil.  The chance of finding one is 1/10,000 so if you ever find one, hang on to it for as long as you can! Please leave a comment in if you believe in this mysterious legend. Bye!

Lucky clover Ute Gerhardt via Compfight

Save An Animal Please! (blog #6)

 Anyone know what save an animal stands for? You guessed it! SAAP. This my sixth blog about our 20% project, and it would really make everyone at SAAP happy, including volunteers, transporters, donators, and the animals if you would adopt a dog or cat! They have any animal, of any breed. My partner and I, (Amelia) are working very hard, and have improved very much since the first day of this project!

what we have accomplished this week, is getting our foster puppies ready for adoption, and also getting them prepared for the part of our video, that they will be included in. We plan to go to an adoption event this month, and take some pictures with the dogs, and volunteers. We will put these pictures on our video, and then include some pictures of when the dogs were in the shelters, and when they were brought to SAAP.

Amelia and I are definitely very excited about are project! We ave not had any issues, and are planning to do this project for as long as we can, because we feel like a lot of these dogs do not have homes, and we are doing the best we can. We won’t stop, until every animal at SAAP gets adopted!

Like i have said before, we are planning to finish the video on March 10-14th, we can not wait. Once it is done, i will be sure to put it on one of my blogs, so stay tuned!

P.S. our foster pups are still available, and they are the cutest things I have ever seen! For example: Romeo likes to snuggle, and chill, but Juliet loves to play, and give kisses, they are only 5 weeks old! How cute! Comment if you are interested in having an new, lovable best friend, because they wont be here for long!


(left:Juliet, right:Romeo)

Satisfied Animals are Purehearted!

As many of you know, my partner and I, (Amelia) are helping out the animals at the rescue SAAP. We are doing this, by making a video to educate the public about adopting, and not getting pets from pet stores, or breeders. So far, we have interviewed many fosters/adopters at SAAP and it has been going very well.

So what we have been able to achieve this week, is actually putting the video together of the interviews. While we were interviewing, there has been mistakes, and inspiring moments, and Amelia and I have cherished them all. it has been an incredible journey, and we cant wait to make more memories! while this is happening, we actually are fostering two of the SAAP puppies, that are very sweet, and we are including them in our video.

Amelia and I are feeling very confident in our project, like I said! We are expecting a few more issues, but none that are serious. In fact, we are feeling so good about our project, that we may continue to do it in the future. These dogs make a huge impact on our lives, and in an amazing way!

Our video should be finished around March 10th. Then, we will go over it, edit, and revise. We believe that our video will be very successful, and will get many views, and that people will actually listen, and understand what rescuing is all about. Maybe, we can even contact a celebrity, and get even more views!

So we have run into a few bumps and bruises. One, is that We haven’t met our mentor face to face yet, but we are planning on contacting her soon. Two, is that We have to make two videos for the elevator pitch, and the final video, since Amelia and I live four houses away from each other, we can get together, find the time, and make three videos.



Image may contain: one or more people, child and dog This is one of our foster puppies, (Juliette)

Image may contain: one or more people, dog and childThis is the other, (Romeo)

Sweet Animals are purrrrfect!

As you probably saw on my title, I stated that Sweet animals are purrrrfect….. BUT you wonder, but where do I find these animals? if you spell out the bold letters, they say SAAP. Hi I’m Natalie, and this is another update on how my partner and I, Amelia are doing so well, its unreal! what we are accomplishing now, is our elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is where you imagine yourself in an elevator with someone that has a lot of neat stuff, that can really help you with your project! You have to try to convince that person to help you, so you can succeed at helping the animals at the animal rescue, SAAP. Amelia and I, are so excited to be doing the right thing!

P.S, if you are interested in adopting, you should really check out the link! SAAP has the sweetest animals, such as Chai, and Rose! They are adorable, and so nice!

Update #3 on 20% project

So what we have accomplished so far, is e-mailing my mentor. She has responded, and agreed to help us. My partner and I, Amelia are very excited! If you don’t know what our project is, we will be making a video, and trying to get people to adopt animals from SAAP, which stands for Stray Animal Adoption Program. (It is an animal rescue that rescues animals from shelters) We are planning to meet our mentor on either February 20th, or March 1st. And we are also going to discuss our video, and why we should adopt from SAAP, instead of breeders. Next Friday, I will be updating again, because Amelia and I, are planning to give you more details! Maybe, you can adopt too, because SAAP is amazing, and they rescue the sweetest dogs and cats, such as Maya, and Archie, two amazing animals at SAAP. Click on their link to learn more!adoptable animals Make sure you comment! Bye!

Pit bulls

As you know, pit bulls are my favorite dog breed. Can you guess why?

There is one simple reason. Because none of those ferocious pit bull rumors on the internet are true! I know this because I work with the animals at SAAP, and not one of them are really the mean, ferocious animals you here about. They are trained for dog fighting, because they do literally ANYTHING for their owner. They love children, adults, and usually other pets to, and are very easy to train! In fact, the top friendliest dog in the world is a pit bull! They are even friendlier than a beagle, poodle, or terrier. A pit bull is mixed with a boxer, terrier, and sometimes a lab or German Shepard!

The only problem with pit bulls, is that breeders keep breeding them over, and over again, which just causes more dog fighting, and homeless animals. Help one of these poor animals out, by adopting them from SAAP, or a animal shelter, instead of a breeder.

Okay, I have to admit it. Before I met a pit bull, I was scared of it too. Her name was Stephanie, and we saved her from a shelter. I was terrified, but all of a sudden, she climbs in my lap and sits down like a real person! It was so cute! Now, whenever I see a pit bull, I immediately fall in love with it, and you will too!

Arnold the Pit20141101_151346.jpgClyde-IMG_4720

Mickey - Paws n' Time Canine RescueMissyMy brother and our dog, Holy 

Update on 20% project

If you looked on my last blog, then you are aware that for my 20% project, I have chosen the animal rescue SAAP to work with. So far my partner and I, (Amelia) have been very successful. We have chosen a mentor who is the “SAAP” administrator (Jen Lorenzen). An administrator is someone who is responsible for running a business, such as SAAP. If you don’t know what SAAP is, it is an amazing animal rescue, that stands for (Stray Animal Adoption Program). It has a website, and they rescue thousands of dogs and cats of all breed, each year. This week, we accomplished the goal of deciding what are presentation aid is. A presentation aid is something you use to show off in your presentation. In our case, it is a borrowed dog (particularly a puppy, or small dog) from SAAP.  Amelia and I think this is an amazing project, and that it will turn out great. If you are looking for a new pal, then SAAP would be a great place to adopt it! Just comment, and we can match you up with your new best friend! (you can also click on this link: SAAP, go to adoptions, and click on adoptable animals, you can click on their profile, and learn a lot about them!)Make sure you comment if you are interested!

  (This is Jessabelle, and Hopper, animals available for adoption at SAAP. Click on their link to learn more.adoptable animals)


My 20% project

My project is to help stray animals get adopted. The reason why I am doing this is because I love helping people in my community, and I am overly obsessed with dogs and cats! Now, I am trying to find a mentor that works at SAAP, so we can come up with new dates for adoption events, so more and more animals will find new homes! Then, I will go to the adoption events and try to help people make decisions. The problems that I have run into is that we might not get much people in, because I know most people like to adopt breeder dogs. My problem with this is that breeders keep breeding dogs, just for money, when about 2 billion more are waiting to be saved in rescues, or shelters! Anyone can go to “SAAP”, and adopt! If you click on the link, and look at the top icons, you will see “SAAP events.” If you go down and see “calendar, it will tell you the dates, and times of adoption events near you. (They have very cute dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens up for adoption!) Then, you can have fun with you’r new pal! I can’t wait to see you there!

No one can resist This………..Or This!

   Emmy                  Cuteness overload :)

Taylor Swift, and how great she is!

Hey! For this week’s blogging challenge, I will be talking about Taylor Swift. You have probably heard of her, but if not, then she is an amazing pop singer that donates to charities, and sings great! Taylor Swift is my favorite singer because she started singing publicly when she was 11 years old (my age!) She also works hard to show people that being different is okay. She is a country-pop singer which are my favorite types of music! In October of 2015, I went to see one of her concerts, and it was one of the best times of my life! She is currently 26 years old, and her birthday is on December 13.

Taylor-Swift-2011-Vanity-Fair-Oscar-Party Bê Swifty via Compfight

Taylor Swift got to be famous when she was in high school. She was in a contest and she sang a country song that she wrote, “Tim MicGraw”. In 2006, the song became one of the top ten country hits. When she was 11, she sang at a ball game (I would never have the courage to do that). She has written 5 popular albums, and around 90 songs! Her most popular songs are Bad Blood, and Shake It Off. Someday I will hopefully meet her, and get her autograph!

Taylor Swift currently has 2 cats, Olivia, and Meredith, and they are a Siamese-tabby mix. She is a very big animal lover, and donates to animal shelters, like me! She states that Olivia loves humans, and Meredith: not so much! she got both of her cats from animal rescues, which is another reason why I love Taylor Swift!


For this week’s post, I am going to be talking about communities. First of all, some pros that communities have, are that everyone is their to help. What I mean by that, is people in you’r city, will offer to help you in rough times. They will also have events, like go pantry, church events, or animal shelter adoption events. In my community, we have stores, restaurants, churches, schools, and houses. Some negative things about communities, is that sometimes their can be bad things, like drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. This is not good for children or adults, because it is not healthy, or deadly.

A community that I am part of now, is SAAP. if you have read my other posts, than you know what that is, but if not, it is an animal rescue. SAAP brings in most of the animals  from the shelter, or pound. Another community I’m a part of, is Gray Middle school. Last year, Gray was considered a blue ribbon school. That is the best award that a school could get!

a community that would like to volunteer at, is go pantry. I would like to, because I think it would be nice to serve a meal to the homeless, or poor. Another community I would like to join, is tutoring. I am very good at reading, and I like to help younger children, so I could meet with them after school. I have had experience with this, because my parents and I help my little sister with her homework. I also have about 20 younger cousins, so you can imagine that at family reunions, I have my hands full! Some rolls you have to be to be i n a community, is loyalty. loyalty means that you are always their for you’r community, that you will always lend a helping hand, and that you respect everyone, and give them peace.

When you are with a community, you have many responsibilities. Especially  If you are involved in many  communities. One of the responsibilities, are helping out all the time. Some ways you can help out, is:

  • Raise money for the community/start a charity
  • make advertisements ( Posters, texts, door to door, contact everyone you know)

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